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Here are the values my father + grandfather taught me for running an Electrical Design + Construction business.

  • Create long term relationships with your customers — they have to come first, because without them you have no business
  • Tell the truth, even when it hurts — no lying, no cheating, no stealing, for any reason, ever
  • Do everything you can to keep people safe — if it’s not safe for workers or customers don’t do it
  • Do better today than yesterday — leaders are distinguished by ingenuity + continual improvement
  • Produce work your customers value — take pride in craftsmanship + folks will come back for more
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated — no gossiping, belittling, cursing, yelling or otherwise abusing each other
  • Take responsibility for yourself + your company — it takes a great team to deliver design + construction that's worth every penny
  • Lead by example — honor, integrity, commitment, and courage are all just words unless you live up to them

Six decades after my family founded Farmers Electric, we still work hard to deliver on the values my grandfather + father taught me growing up. 

— Josh Booth, Owner + Operator



(877) 590-6139

Farmers Electric started wiring irrigation systems in 1956. Today, Farmers works on everything from systems for multifamily complexes, to high voltage generators, to solving low voltage home + business challenges.

  • President Josh Booth
  • Senior Project Manager Steve Shookman
  • Field Management General Foreman Daryl Watts

Energizing the Future

Building Better Lives

Create long term relationships with your customers — they have to come first, because without them you have no business.

  • Have been in business since 1956.

Project Highlights

Spencer Square | Kenmore, Washington

Our 2016 build on Spencer 68 apartments was budgeted at $1,700,000.

Ave Pacific Beach | San Diego, California

Our contribution to a 2016 tenant improvement project was budgeted at $306,000. We delivered a similar treatment for the AVA properties in Mission Viejo ($290,000), La Jolla ($330,000.00) and San Marcos ($252,000)

Employments benefits

health benefits - we want you healthy

paid vacation + holidays - six paid holidays + earned vacation days

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