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Professional Rigger/Signal Person

Do you like a challenge? Riggers are challenged everyday for securing and attaching large loads to cranes for movement around the jobsite. Riggers are responsible for making sure these construction materials make it safely form the start to finish. Utilizing math to calculate load calculations riggers make sure the materials are safe for movement. 

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Trade Career Details

Average Yearly Salary

$41K - 65K+


  • Hoisting equipment
  • Pulleys
  • Winches
  • Laptop computer

Construction Skills

Great Communication Skills, Understand Hand Signals, Likes working outdoors


  • Work on large commercial projects.
  • Work outdoors
  • Get to calculate loads of material for hoisting.
  • Exciting work environment
  • Riggers are in high demand


Construction Training Path

Introduction to Craft Skills Basic Rigger Intermediate Rigger Advanced Rigger Rigger/Signal Person
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