Concrete Finisher

Job published on 28th of May
Job location
Sparks NV 89431
Job type Full Time
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Employments benefits

Medical/Dental/Vision: Full-time employees are eligible to sign up for medical/dental/vision after just 60 days of full-time employment

Paid Time Off

401(k) & Profit Sharing: Eligibility for 401(k) program starts after one year with at least 1,000 hours

About the Job

Possess the ability to follow instructions as directed by foreman/superintendent. Possess ability to operate hand tools and hand power tools such as basic hand trowels, stick tools, walk behind machines, rider machines, power sprayer, vibratory screed, bunyan screed, roller screed, basic carpentry tools. Be able and willing to travel between Northern Nevada and Northern California Job sites.

Day to Day Responsibilities

Body Positions

Long periods of time bending and standing.

Body Movements

Ability to walk, climb, stoop, kneel or crawl on uneven ground, carry one hundred (100) pounds, dig with a shovel, swing a pick, swing a hammer, operate vibrating/hopping equipment such as a wacker, rotohammer, use of hands, eyes, ears, arms and voice.

Body Senses

Ability to obtain information, listening, talking, seeing.


Language requirements are reading and the ability to communicate clearly.

Working Conditions

Primarily outdoor activity during all seasons. Environment also includes frequent work around motor vehicles, moving equipment and vibrating equipment. This job position often requires working long hours from early morning to late night. Requires travel between Northern Nevada and Northern California Job sites.

Essential Functions

The basic function of the concrete finisher is to layout forms, set up forms and place concrete.

Duties and Tasks

  • Follow instructions as directed by foreman/superintendent.
  • Layout forms.
  • Bend/Tie rebar.
  • Set up forms.
  • Place concrete.
  • Strip forms.
  • Operate tools and equipment with caution and care in a manner to obtain maximum usefulness and to extend the lifetime of tools and/or equipment.
  • Work in a safe, continuous, conscientious manner to produce a quality end product.
  • Make known to foreman/superintendent any safety hazards.


  • Leather work boots.
  • Concrete gloves.
  • Safety goggles/Glasses - Provided
  • Hard hat - Provided
  • Quality leather gloves.
  • Rain gear.
  • 20 foot or longer tape measure.
  • Lineman’s pliers.
  • 4 X 12 Trowel.
  • 4 X 16 Trowel.
  • 4 X 20 Trowel.
  • 3 X 16 Mag float.
  • Margin Trowel.
  • Wood or fiberglass float.
  • Knee pads.

Career Pathway & Training

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