Career College of Northern Nevada X Ground Up Construct

Ground Up Construct is proud to announce a partnership with the Career College of Northern Nevada This partnership will create a direct connection of recent grads and current students attending Career College of Northern Nevada and potential employers. In the coming months Ground Up Construct will help these students and alumni’s build their personal pages, showcasing their […]

Where Have my Employees Gone? 6 Tips for Developing a Workforce Plan

Having trouble hiring? Welcome to the majority. A recent survey by Autodesk and The Associated General Contractors of America indicated that 80 percent of construction companies are having trouble hiring skilled workers and more than half are experiencing difficulty hiring for salaried positions. And it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

The Changing Workforce: Get on Board or Get Run Over

The workforce has changed – on many levels. Up until very recently, technology has evolved slowly enough that people could readily learn new tools and skills during their careers. Just think about how quickly we have moved from the days of pen and paper, to manual data entry, to voice recognition on our devices. We […]