Career College of Northern Nevada X Ground Up Construct

Ground Up Construct is proud to announce a partnership with the Career College of Northern Nevada

This partnership will create a direct connection of recent grads and current students attending Career College of Northern Nevada and potential employers.

In the coming months Ground Up Construct will help these students and alumni’s build their personal pages, showcasing their skills and projects that they have completed either in the field or at school.

Josh Munns, co-founder of Ground Up Construct stated:

“This partnership is the first steps in connecting great candidates and career minded employers, who are looking to bolster their workforce. These new students and grads are the future of construction, facilities maintenance, welding and HVAC Technicians. They are invaluable to the construction industry and we are excited in assisting them finding their first career positions with our partners.”

The Career College of Norther Nevada has programs including:

Career College of Northern Nevada and other CTE (Career Technical Education) Centers are the battling our current gap in Skilled Trade Professionals.  Institutions and educational facilities like CCNN will be our most needed career generators in the coming 5 years.  Find your nearest educational facility here.

Ground Up Construct exists to connect the future professionals in construction with employers across the US who are looking to create careers in construction. If you are interested in connecting your CTE students with great employers, contact us at

Josh Denton
Co Founder of Ground Up Construct. Josh Denton came to the world of construction through a broad career in consumer goods, specifically in the Action Sports Industry. He was surrounded by career minded leaders that lead him to project management in construction for retail locations globally. Through this experience he was exposed to the amazing professionals in construction and the talents they hold. As he witnessed amazing careers in construction he also realized that this was not a career path actively spoken about. This was solidified as he became the GM for a contractor. Professional glaziers and installers surrounded him yet none of them considered themselves the professionals that they are. He partnered with Josh Munns to change that narrative and bring a spotlight back to the strong careers that exist in construction.

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