Build your workforce for the future of construction

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Build what's next
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Stop looking for
skilled tradespeople. Build them from the
ground up.

The upcoming Workforce Accelerator platform will change the way contractors find, hire, train and retain a skilled workforce. As a partner of Ground Up Construct your company will have access to a workforce focused career center that enables you to take your people to the next level. The stronger your workforce is, the more successful your company will be.

Build what's next

Why Ground Up Construct?

Showcase your company

Showcase your company, benefits, culture and projects to attract the workforce your organization needs to succeed.

Focus on career hiring

It is time to change the way we hire our workforce. Focusing on career hiring rather than hiring to fill a position will allow you to build a solid foundation for sustained growth.

Clear path to success

Offering your team a clear path to success within your organization strengthens their commitment to the company's goals and future success.

Resources for every step

Our Career Center and Professional Craft Training programs will build your company up to the next level. Ground Up is the solution you have been looking for to build a strong workforce.

Planning for your
future workforce?

Ground Up Construct is the solution for finding, hiring and training the future workforce you need to scale your business. Your Partnership with Ground Up Construct will ensure your workforce is ready for the future of construction.

Build what's next

A new approach
towards growth

The Ground Up Construct online training platform, paired with our Professional Craft Training program enables your organization to actively train while working on your current projects. This new approach to construction career training will attract top talent, empower your workforce, ensure quality craftsmanship and improve efficiencies. These key elements will allow your organization to adapt to the ever changing landscape of construction.

Take control of your future success.

Merit shop organizations need a partner in recruiting and training to develop tomorrow's workforce. Your partnership with Ground Up Construct will allow you to scale your business to any size you envision.