Change your future, build a career in construction.

Build what's next
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Don’t be just another construction worker. Impact your future as a Trade Professional.

Ground Up Construct is your platform to build a construction career and shape the life you want to lead. Our online education platform creates a flexible atmosphere for construction training and career placement. The Professional Craft Training program is focused on real world training enhanced by online studies. On the job training allows you to earn a living while building a foundation of experience and knowledge in your chosen profession. Stop looking for a job and build a career.

Build what's next

Why Ground Up Construct?

Plan your career

As a construction professional you should expect more from your employer. Employees like you, who value their career deserve to work with construction companies who value their employees.

Clear path to success

Through our Career Center you can shape your future by finding an organization that fits your career goals.

Employers that matter

Careers are more than a job title and pay. Construction Companies who offer Health Care Benefits, Retirement Plans and focus on a positive company culture create an atmosphere for success.

Because what you do

Lawyers, Doctors and every other professional in this world do not have a place to live or work without all of the construction professionals to build our homes, offices and infrastructure. You Build America.

A platform built
for you

Ground Up Construct is an interactive platform built to connect you with the construction companies looking for your talents. Through the Career Center, the career you want is at your fingertips. Intuitive search controls and ability to research these companies empowers you to find the construction career that meets your goals. Whether it is your first career in construction or you are looking for your next opportunity to grow, Ground Up Construct is the partner you need.

Take control of your future success.

What is your next career opportunity? How can you shape your future? Construction is the fastest way to entrepreneurship and Ground Up Construct is your partner to take that leap.